Do you need a moment of well-being? Come and get a massage!

How is the massage going?

Whatever its name, Swedish, Balinese, Californian... the massage that suits you will be the one you need, the day we meet.

I will take a few minutes to listen to your needs, in order to offer you a real moment of personalized well-being.

It is a full body massage. You will be lying on the massage table, in your underwear, covered with a sheet (if you wish), and a blanket if it is cold. This massage lasts about an hour.

The massage is performed with a base of sweet almond oil or sesame oil, added to lavender oil.

Please bring your bath towel.

Cost :

Hands: €15

Face: €15

Back: €15

Feet and legs: €30

Full body: €60

Contraindications: pregnancy, serious pathologies (cancer, heart problems), crisis in general (sciatica or lumbago, etc.), phlebitis, fever

Note that I do not massage minors, even accompanied by an adult


The well-being massage is not similar or a massage from a physiotherapist, nor to any medical or sexual practice.